October, 2018


Sandton Magazine • 11 Oct

We recently got to catch up with Dean Spencer, who as far as we are concerned, has possibly THE best job ever! Dean is the On Trade Sales GURU for Truman & Orange – he spends his days creating yummy cocktails with the Truman & Orange products, as well as training bar staff on how to best serve their products at their bars. Cool, right?

Truman & Orange opened it’s doors in 2013 with the single-minded mission of offering increasingly sophisticated South African drinkers alternatives to the mega-brands that used to own the space. On their catalogue – Malfy Italian Gin, Aviation Gin, Tito’s Vodka, Fortaleza Tequila and many many more.

September 2018


Whisky Live • September

Bannermans Finest Scotch Whisky is a Speyside-style Scotch Whisky, produced and blended in Scotland, just outside Edinburgh. Made using older, more complex malt whiskies than those used in most blends, Bannermans has a bolder, more complex flavour than other blends. The aged malts also contribute towards its exceptionally long, smooth finish.
April, 2018
Men’s Stuff • 19 April
Truman & Orange has been bringing distinguished and unique liquor brands to South Africa since 2013, and they’ve added another interesting option to their portfolio for discerning beer drinkers: Mazzatti Beers. The unique brewing methods employed by the brewery in Lagundo, Italy, are why it has such a unique taste that is unlikely to be found in beers produced by many…


Founded in 2013,
Truman & Orange is a national premium drinks company which
offers a portfolio of disruptive brands for South African discerning drinkers, as alternatives to the ubiquitous mega-brands that monopolize
shelves in South African shops
and bars.

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